3003 Aluminum sheet coil for Lamps and Lanterns

3003 Aluminum sheet coil for Lamps and Lanterns in Bulgaria

3003 Aluminum sheet coil for Lamps and Lanterns, 1, rinse with water for plate surface; 2, use the water diluted detergent soft cloth gently brush try board face;; 3, with plenty of clean water to rinse the plate again, to wash away dirt; 4, check the board face, for no wash clean with detergent key; 5, board face, wash with water, until the detergent wash it all. Note: Don't wash hot plate (temperature more than 40 ° C), because the evaporation of water

3003 Aluminum sheet coil for Lamps and Lanterns in Belize

different alloy composition 6061 aluminum sheet plate and aluminum sheet plate 6063 is 6 series aluminum plate, 6 series aluminum plate is aluminum, magnesium, silicon alloy.7075 aluminum alloy elements for aluminum, zinc. 6061 aluminum plate and 6063 aluminum difference is small the silicon content of the former between 0.4 to 0.8, magnesium content between 0.8 to 1.2; 0.2 0.6, and 6063 silicon content in magnesium content in 0.45-0.9 because of silicon and magnesium content, general said 6061 than 6063 in hardness. 6061 and 6063 on the tensile strength also has the very big difference, along with the annealing hardening is different under the same conditions the former both tensile strength between less than or equal to 150-290, the latter is less than or equal to between 135-240., 3003 Aluminum sheet coil for Lamps and Lanterns

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. produces 3003 aluminum coils for lighting and interior decoration with excellent quality, stable performance, good corrosion resistance, good weldability and high plasticity. We have a sophisticated R&D team.

2.3003 aluminum sheet mainly used in chemical production and storage equipment, plate processing, building materials, construction, cable pipes, sewer pipes various parts of lamps and lanterns, cans, wave plate, building materials, color aluminum plate, electric light head.

Aluminium reflective sheet are used as the refelctor for lighting industry, the alloy are 1060, 1100 and 3003, the thickness is 0.07mm-1.50mm, the width is 30mm-1250mm.For the special reflectivity performance of visible light greater than 80% and infrared reflectance greater than 80%, aluminium mirror sheet is widely used in the reflector of lighting, and in places requiring heat insulation

3003/3105 Color Coated Aluminum Coil Strip For Lighting Equipment Color coated aluminum coil is a salt with an excellent acid-resistant material. Coating to maintain a long light. It is an environmentally friendly, fire-resistant properties of the green and beautiful decorative.Color coated aluminum coil are widely used in ACP,curtain panel,honey comb panel,shutter,roofing and most of the decoration areas.

1 inch wide aluminum strips can be made of 1060, 3003, 3004, 3A21, LF21, 3105, 5052 and other series, of which 1060 is favored by manufacturers of transformers, hardware lamps and lanterns. 1060 strip is suitable for winding, stamping and drawing processing. Transformer aluminum strips are mainly used for internal winding of dry-type transformers. . Their cross sections must be neat and

The 3003 aluminum coil is one the most commonly applied aluminum alloy of 3000 series. It contains a large content share of aluminum and little manganese which performs excellent anti-corrosion

3003 Aluminum sheet coil for Lamps and Lanterns in South Africa

3003 Aluminum sheet coil for Lamps and Lanterns, Aluminum mirror plate is widely used in daily life. The interior and exterior of the building, electronic product shells, the kitchen utensils used to make delicious dishes, and even small trademarks, signs or exquisite jewelry boxes can see the aluminum mirror plate. Aluminum mirror plate also has the unique advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, not easy rust, and easy production. Although there are many advantages of mirror aluminum, we need to use the correct maintenance method to achieve good results.

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