Aluminum Air to Air Plate Heat Exchanger Recuperator

Aluminum Air to Air Plate Heat Exchanger Recuperator in Congo (Congo-Kinshasa)

Aluminum Air to Air Plate Heat Exchanger Recuperator, Applications: This series aluminum plate can be used in processing airplane parts, camera parts, couplers, ship parts, hardware, electronic accessories and joints, valves and valve parts, etc. It can also be used in low tension weapons and connectors in airplane.

Aluminum Air to Air Plate Heat Exchanger Recuperator in Pitcairn Islands

5754 aluminum sheet and 5052 aluminum sheet are all 5000 series anti-rust aluminum alloy. This Al- Mg alloy is with medium strength, especially with anti fatigue strength, high plasticity and corrosion resistance, no can be heat treatment, good weld-ability, and can be polished., Aluminum Air to Air Plate Heat Exchanger Recuperator

The aluminum counter-flow plate heat exchanger with high temperature efficiency up to 93%. A great solution for premises with a small amount of the incoming/exhaust air.

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This Aluminum Air To Air Plate Heat Exchanger Recuperator is made of high quality hydrophilic coating aluminium foil and galvanized sheet cover,with higher corrosion resistance and high transfer rate.

The Exothermics Aluminum Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger is a counter-flow design allowing for two segregated air streams to flow through the parallel plates within the exchanger. These exchangers utilize a state-of-the-art sinusoidal plate-type design for maximum heat transfer efficiency.

Heat exchanger is made of pure aluminum foils, with galvanized end cover and aluminum alloy wrap angle. Sealing material is special and allows the Max. air temperature to be 200℃, it is suitable for special high temperature occasion.


Following advantages of aluminum as base material for counter-flow heat plate exchanger against different materials are: Aluminum is a base microbial inert, thus not metabolized and highly hygienic. Distribution of airflow though definite channeled guides, thus ensuring high performances by simultaneous low pressure losses over the entire volumetric spectrum.

B·Blue is the heart of this system, the air-to-air plate heat exchanger designed for indirect and adiabatic evaporative cooling application in the Data Centre environment.

Chart’s Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers (also known as a Plate Fin Heat Exchanger) and Cold Boxes are at the heart of low temperature natural gas, air separation and petrochemical processes worldwide. Chart Industries pioneered the use of BAHX for cryogenic gas processing in the 1950s and we’ve produced over 13,000 units since.

The air heat exchanger consists mainly of an aluminum pipe made from soda cans that sits inside a wider pvc pipe. The cold fresh air is being pushed trough the aluminum pipe to entering the room. The hot saturated air is being pushed trough the pvc pipe in the other direction to leave the room.

Plate Type Air Heat Exchangers What do they do?: Air to Air Plate Heat Exchangers, or Air Plates as they are also known, are an extremely effective and low-cost way of reducing the heating or cooling loads on the treatment of process air and air conditioning systems. A reduced heating or cooling load means lower energy bills and carbon emissions.

Aluminum Air to Air Plate Heat Exchanger Recuperator in Aland Islands

Aluminum Air to Air Plate Heat Exchanger Recuperator, Color coated stucco aluminum plate also called as color coated embossed aluminum plate, the common seen embossed patterns on the surface are orange peel and rhombus/diamond pattern, the surface coating are fluorocarbon and polyester paint, the paint has various colors like white, black, red, green, blue, gray, yellow, gold and so on.

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