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cast al tooling plate, 050 aluminum sheet are widely used in general industry, scientific experiment, chemical industry and other territories. The specific application is as follows: daily necessities, lighting fixture, lamps and lanterns, extruded coil of food; scutcheon, nameplates, decorations; chemical industrial container, chemical and brewing industry, cooling fin, electronics; baffle-board,stamping parts, etc.

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5052 Aluminum sheet is alloyed with 2.5% magnesium. Tensile strength range is 31 to 44 KSI. 5052 has excellent workability, weldability and corrosion resisitance. 5052 Aluminum sheet Used for aircraft fuel tanks, storm shutters, refrigerator liners and panels., cast al tooling plate

5000 Series Cast Tool and Jig Plate. Si - max 0.40. Fe max 0.40. Cu max 0.10. Mn - 1. Mg 4.90. Cr - 0.05 0.25. Zn - max 0.25. Ti + Zr 0.15.

Cast Aluminum Plate. Cast Aluminum Tooling Plate or Jig Plate. Is known by various trade names: Mic 6® (a registered trademark of Aloca Inc ) Alpase K100-S® (a 5052 Aluminum Plate. 6061 Aluminum Plate. 2024 Aluminum Plate. Cast Aluminum Circle Cut Plate.

 Special Feature of Howard Precision Metal’s Cast Aluminum Plate. 2024 Aluminum Plate. 6061 Aluminum Plate. 7075 Aluminum Plate. Aluminum Cast Tool & Jig Plate Stock List. Alca 5. Mic 6. Aluminum Mold Plate Stock List. M-1. Ext. Aluminum Flat Bar.

Aluminum cast plate is a machined plate with close tolerances. It is know by various trade names, such as Mic6, Alca Plus, and K100. This plate is typically used for stretch-forming dies, rubber pad process form blocks, assembly jigs, locating devices, drill jigs, pattern and core plates, and inspection fixtures.

Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate Cast aluminum tooling plate is produced from a fine-grain aluminum alloy which is free from internal stresses. This material is internally stable, which assures minimum movement during machining. Tooling plate is also a machined product, with flat surfaces and a surface finish equal to 32 micro-inches or better on both sides.

On-Hand Inventory of Mic 6® . 2024 Aluminum Plate. 6061 Aluminum Plate. 7075 Aluminum Plate. Aluminum Cast Tool & Jig Plate Stock List. Alca 5. Mic 6. Aluminum Mold Plate Stock List. M-1. Ext. Aluminum Flat Bar.

Mic6® Aluminum Cast Plate. Mic 6® Aluminum Cast Plate is a blend of the most desirable features of many individual metals. The manufacture of this tooling plate material is the most advanced in the cast plate industry. It promotes consistency between plates and reduces the risk of disrupting material stability by entrapping stress.

The K100S cast tool and jig aluminum plate is a product that is produced using aluminum alloy that is fine-grained. It doesn’t have any internal stresses. Internally, this grade of aluminum is stable, which ensures that little to no movement is done during machining. This is

Apr 29, 2018· Cast tooling plate, cast tool & jig plate, and CT & J all refer to cast aluminum products, which is not at all similar to rolled plate. The truth is that you need to be aware that there are many crucial differences between 6061 T651 rolled plate and cast tool and jig plate.

Mar 06, 2015· About. View All Aluminum Plate Products. Weldural Aluminum Plate. M-5 Aluminum Plate. M-1 Aluminum Plate. K100S Cast Tool and Jig Aluminum Plate. Hokotol Aluminum Plate. Formodal® 030. Duramold 5 Aluminum Plate. Duramold 2 Aluminum Plate. ATP-5 Cast Tool and Jig Aluminum Plate.

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cast al tooling plate, Aluminum 3003 is an alloy with very good corrosion resistance and moderate strength. Excellent weldability, formability, with good machinability makes 3003 Aluminum sheet, coil and tread plate is popular and economical choice in Appliance Components. Alloy 3003 can be cold worked to produce tempers with a higher strength but a lower ductility while not heat-treated or used in casting. It is commonly rolled and extruded as aluminum plate and foils which in different applications such as truck and trailer roofing, cooking utensils, pressure vessels, refrigerator panels, gasoline tanks, heat exchanger, furniture components.

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