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pre-painted ppgi galvanized steel coil, Haomei is a supplier of aluminum to industry. Their supply center and forging company specialize in the hard-to-find steel that other suppliers simply cannot provide. Open die and seamless rolled ring forging creates custom shapes of almost any size, and special-design extrusions are no problem. Haomei can hot and cold form your steel, and apply appropriate finishes.

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Both 3003 and 5052 aluminum sheet are the most common alloy aluminium sheets in the market, and they are the two most representative brands of aluminium sheets. Although they are widely used, many people do not know the difference between them., pre-painted ppgi galvanized steel coil

Sep 10, 2018· The total thickness of the pre-panted galvanized steel coil is composed of the base steel coating -primer top paint protective layer thickness. The top paint thickness is 10-25μm, and the back paint thickness is 5-20μm.


Mar 16, 2018· One of the biggest advantages of pre-painted galvanized steel coil is the impeccable quality of its coating, designed to produce uniform results. Manufacturers have their choice of metals, such as coils of cold-rolled steel, zinc-steel, aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel, in addition to a variety of pretreated coatings, including vinyls, epoxies, fluorocarbons, dry lubricants, acrylics and

Jan 12, 2020· PPGI is prepainted galvanized steel, also known as prepainted steel, colored steel, etc. The prepainted spiral steel sheet coil is a product obtained by subjecting a sheet of hot galvanized steel, a sheet of galvanized steel or an aluminum sheet to a surface chemical treatment (coating), followed by cooking and seasoning.

PREPAINTED GALVANIZED/ALUZINC STEEL COILS (PPGI / PPGL) Generally manufactured with hot dip zinc coated(GI) steel or an aluzinc/galvalume(AZ/GL) substrate, the coil is processed on a continuous paint coating line (CCL) where in the surface of the metal is cleaned, pre-treated and applied with various layers of organic coatings.

China PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil manufacturer is pre-coated galvanized iron, also known as pre-coated steel, coil coated steel, color coated steel, etc., and usually with a hot dip zinc coated steel substrate. The term is an extension of GI, which is a traditional abbreviation for Galvanized Iron.

PPGI is pre-painted galvanized steel, also known as pre-coated steel, color coated steel etc. Using Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coil as the substrate, PPGI is made by first going through surface pretreatment, then the coating of one or more layers of liquid coating by

PPGI Steel Coils (also called prepainted galvanized steel coils or color coated steel coils and prepainted steel coils)have their importance and used largely in different industries. Now, you can get this advanced type of prepainted steel coil online by placing your order from anywhere in the world.

Quality PPGI Steel Coil, Galvanized Steel Coil & Prepainted Galvalume Steel Coil suppliers & exporter - all products made in China. Cold Rolled Pre Painted Galvanized Steel Sheet RAL Color Series ISO Approved. RAL 5017 PPGI Steel Coil Roofing Sheet Material Coil ID φ508mm - φ610mm.

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pre-painted ppgi galvanized steel coil, Take 1100 aluminium sheet as the example, the first digit indicates the processing status of the 1100 aluminum sheet: H1: Work hardened temper, indicating that the aluminum sheet has not been heat treated, and the required strength is obtained only by work hardening. H2: Work hardening and incomplete annealing state, indicating that the 1100 aluminum sheet has been work hardened and the strength exceeds the specified requirements. After incomplete annealing, the strength of the aluminum sheet is reduced to the standard strength. H3: The state of work hardening and stabilization treatment indicates that the aluminum sheet is subjected to heat treatment during heat treatment or processing, and the mechanical properties are stabilized. H3 is only suitable for aluminum sheets that are naturally aged at room temperature. H4: Work hardening and painting treatment state, indicating that the aluminum sheet is subjected to painting treatment after work hardening, resulting in incompletely annealed.

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